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Folder Sharing in Google Docs now possible

Finaly  you can share a Folder in Google Docs at

The new version of the the Google Docs API contained the possibility for sharing folders. This has been a highly requested feature that will boost Google Docs usability! 

However the feature has not been added to the Google Docs user interface yet !

After reading this blog post I decided to write a small webapp that you may use to share your Google Docs Folders. It has been developed in my spare time, so it may not be as good as it should be, but it hase limited use. As soon as this feature makes it to the regular google docs user interface, it will be outdated ...

You will find the application here:

Please log in using your Google Account, and give permission to access your Google Docs feeds, in the next step. If granted permission you will see your folders, and you will be able to manage the sharing permissions.

Hope you like it. 

I you want to know know more about how this works, please contact me using the contact form in this site. 


Today (12 Oct 09)  Google announced that folder sharing is available in the Google Docs GUI from now on !  Thanks for using my app on gdoclab for the last view weeks.  If your are interested in making Google Docs your CMS, just by sharing a folder, watch this space. I have been working hard to get this ready, and will be launching by the end of October !

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  1. also for google apps? by gerard (2009-09-08)

    First off: Thanks for your effort!

    secondly though: 
    I am not able to sign in to your app with my  google apps email. Does your app work for google apps?
  2. Google Apps Accounts by Matthijs (2009-09-08)

    This is a well know issue, I dont have a solution for yet. One way to get around this is to open a new google account on your google apps email address. This let you log into the app. Problem is you can lock down login for app engine apps for a google apps domain or give access to all google accounts (which exclude the google apps accounts ..)
    To make this work: the authentication request should be done on the gdocs feed for the specified domain, now we get access for the url: If I have some time left I can try to fix this ...

  3. also for google apps? by gerard (2009-09-08)

    First off: Thanks for your effort!

    secondly though: 
    I am not able to sign in to your app with my  google apps email. Does your app work for google apps?
  4. Sharing folder app by jpad (2009-09-16)

    This is great, unfortunately when I get to the page to where I check the box for the folder, the "Share this folder" button does not work.

  5. Sharing folder app by jpad (2009-09-16)

    By the way I'm using MS Windows & Firefox 3.0.13 (so far) will check w/ IE and Mac's Safari & FF

  6. not working by Roger (2009-09-17)

    Hello, I'm using firefox and it does not work too... When I press that button it does nothing...

  7. LINK DOES NOT WORK ON FIREFOX by Moe (2009-09-23)

    Same thing here. Copy the link into Firefox, click and nothing happens...

  8. Working perfectly!! by Bruce (2009-09-20)

    Working perfectly ! Thank you

  9. It works for me, thank you! by Chris (2009-09-26)

    Using Google Chrome on a Windows XP Home, and your app works like a dream, thank you!
  10. Was working... by DionV (2009-09-27)

    Was using this for a couple of weeks just fine. Went in yesterday to add a new folder, and there is no button to add another folder anymore.

    Is there a limit on the number of folder that can be shared?
  11. Thanks by Tim (2009-09-29)

    Thanks!  worked fine...
  12. Re: Article by Ronda (2009-10-01)

    Thank you!!! I started a group for class projects and I need to share everything with the other classmates, this was a perfect solution.

  13. Re: Article by Michel (2009-10-02)

    Thanks. Your tool works perfectly. My wife can now see all my documents!!!

  14. share folder with everyone (read access) by Bestial Bub (2009-10-06)

    I'd like to share a folder with "everyone", but your app doesn't provide the option to share with everyone.  I've tried the labels "everyone" and the mask of (*@*), but this doesn't seem to be working right.  It would be appreciated if one could share a whole folder for read access the same way you can files (so logging into google won't be necessary)

  15. Great App (but I have one suggestion) by rjbarfield (2009-10-08)

    Like the app and it does work however it would be nice if the person with whom I am sharing the documents would also have not only the documents but a recreation of my folder structure.  Right now when I share them they simply show up as a long list of files.  (there is a tag/flag/etc... indicating the folder name that I have them in but only the actual folder name not any higher folders to which the actual folder is a subfolder.  (example: Admin Folder / Banking / Checking Acct #_____ / Doc Name shows up with a tag/flag/etc.. of Checking Acct #______ but not any of the other info for the folder and subfolder to which it belongs.)  To make folder sharing worthwhile I need to be able to not only share the folder but also be able to recreate the actual structure of the folders on the other users end.  Thanks for the app it does fill a void but I hope google gets the message to make this a part of their interface.

  16. Re: Article by Michel (2009-10-10)

    The application is OK. But I cannot see the shared folder in the target user account. I think you need to add something to the URL.

    any idea?
  17. Re: Article by Michel (2009-10-10)

    I used the URL:

    but it does not show the shared folders. I shared with the "owner" privileged.

    Now when I go to I see a blank page.

  18. Re: Article by Michel (2009-10-12)

    In case of error in the application (or in the logging), is it possible to return the error message?