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Folder Sharing in Google Docs now possible

Finaly  you can share a Folder in Google Docs at

The new version of the the Google Docs API contained the possibility for sharing folders. This has been a highly requested feature that will boost Google Docs usability! 

However the feature has not been added to the Google Docs user interface yet !

After reading this blog post I decided to write a small webapp that you ...

Presentation at PUN meeting 27 nov 2008

Today I prepared the slides for my presentation at the PUN meeting tonight in Rotterdam.  It's just a 5 minute lighting talk, but anyway it took me more time than I hoped for to make these slides.

You can also  view the slides here.

Enjoy ...

TNG home page lauched !

Welcome at the new TNG home page

Now running on Google App Engine, thanks to Bil Katz' Bloog software.

Ready to get slash dotted ;-) ...